TODAY I DID IT RIGHT™ offers intimate and interactive writing workshops focused on connection - with ourselves, with our world, and with each other.

From corporate classroom-style events to groups of 10 around a dinner table at a private residence, we’re ready to spark the conversation(s) to help you, your friends, your clients, your studio, or your colleagues, start embracing the ‘doing it right’ lifestyle every day.

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TODAY I DID IT RIGHT Writing Workshop



An Evening Exploring Food, Memoir, and Identity

Thursday, February 28th, 2019
Private Residence, Uptown, Chicago, IL

Join us for dinner - memory exploratory - cocktails - weirdness & beauty.

All are welcome, first come, first serve | Registration Link




WeWork Devonshire Square (January Wellness Week)

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2019
WeWork Devonshire Square, London, England

The Conversation: Today I Did It Right - Intention Setting & Living Your Best Life
The Setting: A classroom-style breakfast-and-learn in the sprawling WeWork Devonshire Square Campus, where we discussed the power and intersection of connection and intention
The People: 20+ young professionals intrigued by intention setting and the idea of doing it right



The Launch

Saturday, November 17th, 2018
Chicago, IL, USA

The Conversation: The Founder’s Story
The Setting: The most hygge loft space in the West Loop neighborhood that left guests asking: how can I live here?
The People: 30+ women (and one fabulous man), ages 22-72

Walking into a room in which you know no one is daunting; not with this group of people, as I left with instant friends. So grateful to have finally met the brilliant minds behind TODAY I DID IT RIGHT, celebrate its launch, and experience an afternoon of connection and contemplation with a room of beautiful souls in this dreamy loft. Now I will always ask myself—what does doing it right mean to me?
— Sarah B., Chicago, IL USA



Friday, August 17th, 2018
The Collective at Freedom X Festival

The Conversation: Create the Life That’s Right For You, Today
The Setting: An ancient cave nestled in a remote village in the Spanish Pyrenees
The People: 50+ location independent professionals from around the world

Ariel’s workshop was EXACTLY what I needed. I was, and am living, a non-traditional life path and I had been feeling a lot of pressure from my family - a lack of understanding and support. Ariel’s exercise reminded me that this is my life and I choose to live it differently. I was able to once again, shed those “shoulds” we feel all too often from within or from others. I walked out feeling both inspired and empowered. THE ABSOLUTE BEST.
— Kelly B., Fully Remote, USA