doing it right: Kristian Gist of Unfiltrd


Week 2/52: How does Kristian Gist, Founder of Unfiltrd, cat mom to Louis, Chicago resident, and master baker of a homemade yellow cake with chocolate frosting answer the doing it right equation?

Doing it right with kristian gist.jpg

1: What does the word right mean to you?

"Right" is the absence of anyone else's opinions, expectations, shoulds, wants, or needs other than my own. It's the deep knowing that I'm doing what I want, giving myself what I need, or figuring out the way to ask for it and make room for "right" in my life. "Right" is making my own rules, guidelines, traditions and being unashamed for living them out.

2: What is one "should" you're tired of carrying?

I'm tired of the "We should live one comfortable, certain path in life." I'm tired of picking the most stable way because I know that I can handle a path that is a bit uncomfortable and uncertain. I'm capable of walking a cobblestone road instead of smooth pavement. I'm worth the risk and I'm capable of more. 

3: What is one thing you want more of in your life each day?

More time. But not in minutes, hours, or days but more time being present, taking it a little slower, and being guided by something other than a clock. Now, I'm perfectly fine with a brunch with friends transforming into brunch, afternoon snacks, and dinners because the conversations are good and our phones are away. I'm great with taking the long way home or waiting for the next train after a long day at work. I'm cool with a conversation lasting a bit longer than expected. These are the moments of connecting with others and connecting with yourself that you can't get back. 

Where to find Kristian:

  • Pushing you beyond the face filters and cautious conversations at Unfiltrd