doing it right: Emily Eliza Moyer


Week 3/52: How does Emily Eliza Moyer, purpose alignment coach, world traveler, and co-host of THE DEEP one-day mini retreat answer the doing it right equation?

Emily Eliza Moyer

1: what does the word right mean to you?

Right means being exactly who I am and doing exactly what feels right to me on any given day. It's paying attention and listening to my intuition. It's long mornings filled with moving my body, meditation, journaling and cooking a beautiful breakfast. It's working for hours on end when I find my flow. It's walks on the beach, walks in the jungle, walks anywhere in nature. It's connecting deeply with people and helping others find their purpose. It's learning every day, a little bit more about what my right is.

2: what is one "should" you're tired of carrying?

I should settle down and get a 'real' job, get married, buy a house. I don't know if these are shoulds imparted on me from society, from friends and family, or from myself, but its approval from others on my decisions that I'm continuously working on letting go.

3: what is one thing you want more of in your life each day?

Balance. I'm a libra, so I guess I'll forever be seeking balance. For me, right now, it's finding the right balance between time abroad and time at home with family and friends, time traveling and finding time to create a space that is my own. I've worked hard to build a daily routine that fulfills me and I feel good about that, but its the overarching arc of my year that I'm working on now. 

where to find Emily:

  • Helping people pursue their purpose through her coaching business, Emily Eliza Moyer

  • Sharing stories on living our core purpose on the gram

  • Co-hosting THE DEEP with TODAY I DID IT RIGHT™ - a one-day mini retreat in Chicago, IL in August 2019

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