doing it right: cat aldana of EAT, STRETCH, NAP™


Week 1/52: How does Cat Aldana, Founder of EAT, STRETCH, NAP™, cat mom to Chips the Cat, and Tequila aficionado answer the doing it right equation?


1: What does the word right mean to you?

Living in alignment with who I am.

2: What is one "should" you're tired of carrying?

BEING PRODUCTIVE. It used to give me such a high. I was addicted to it! Sometimes I catch myself on that productivity high again and I have to remember that this feeling of accomplishment is an expectation or "should" placed upon me by my own self and the world around me. Being productive makes me feel worthy and important - but that kind of importance doesn't last. I've learned that self-worth comes from within, not from being productive and getting sh*t done.

3: What is one thing you want more of in your life each day?

Music + Dancing! Ultimately, this means more fun! I want to make more space in my day to rock out to Lady Gaga, Beyonce + 90s jams that make me feel happy. Such an easy way to infuse joy into my life and I'm all about doing things the easy way :)

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