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The TODAY I DID IT RIGHT™ Approach is broken out into 4 Focuses and 16 Rights.

The focuses and the rights are designed to help you prioritize your energy and create and live the life that’s right for you. Each day, you pick one of the 16 Rights to reflect on and write about.

You can use the approach and write in your journal at the beginning of the day as a way to set an intention or drive a specific action, or you can write in the journal at the end of the day to reflect on the day you just had.


Doing it right is a journey in self-connection.

The first step to connecting with your true self lies in recognizing who you are… your essential being, your identity, your inner self. What distinguishes you from everyone else?

It’s time to get to know you, like you, and love you in a very deep and real day.

The Rights:

  • S.O.S Sense of Self

  • Individual Meaning

  • Getting to Know You Getting to Like You

  • Write Your Own Rules



Every day is all there is.

We are guaranteed nothing more and promised nothing less. Because of this, we’re obsessed with creating days that look right to us. 1-year, 3-year, 5-year plans are important. You should have them.

But we firmly believe you can’t achieve a long-term future plan without building a strong foundation, each and every day, along the way.

The Rights:

  • Life’s Little Rituals

  • The Element of Surprise

  • Be a Noticer

  • Make More Firsts


You are your choices. Your choices are your power.

Choice is the only thing in this world that you truly have control over. If you aren’t ready to make them for yourself, the world will happily make them for you.

Take ownership and make the decisions you need to make to create the life you want to live.

The Rights:

  • People, Places, Things

  • Select, Refine, Eliminate

  • Just Say Yes

  • Just Say No



What is life but a series of people you have known and loved?

As much as your life is about the path you have carved for yourself - your own personal journey - none of it would have meaning without the people that have touched your life along the way.

The stronger your connection with yourself, the stronger your connections will be with the important people in your life.

The Rights:

  • Giving People What They Need

  • Intimacy

  • Extra Effort Required

  • The Dying Art of Conversation

TODAY I DID IT RIGHT Self-Connection Journal

The TODAY I DID IT RIGHT™ Self-Connection Journal

Create the life that’s right for you, today.

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